If you’re tired of your hair gel leaving your hair too stiff and hard then it’s time you looked for a better hair styler. This Gatsby Water Gloss Soft Hair Styler has been composed to leave your hair in control and looking perfectly in place but also to give our hair style a soft finish. Now, you can flaunt any desired hairstyle and still enjoy great feeling hair always. The styler has a non-sticky feel so your grooming sessions are not something you want to avoid because of the mess the hair gel causes. Just take a little of this magic potion and watch as it styles your hair just the way you like it. The gel styles your look with a wet final finish because it is a water type pomade. Flaunt a hairstyle to suit the occasion and don’t worry about the hold because this gel provides a strong result. Gatsby ensures that this hair gel suits all hair types and keeps any man or woman looking ever ready for pictures

Gatsby water gloss soft 300 gm