• For The Man Who Appreciates The Value Of Classic Creations, Brut Original Deo Spray Is A Fragrance That Exudes The Confidence Of Good Grooming.
  • The Freshness Of A Shower That He Takes In The Morning Is Carried Into The Day With This Deodorant Spray. The Spray Can Of The Mass Premium Deodorant Is Colored A Deep Green Characteristic To Brut And Is Also Convenient To Use.
  • Brut has made this Musk Deodorant Spray for the man who appreciates the finer things in life to give him a gentlemanly aura.
  • Fresh, Distinctive Fragrance, This fresh, masculine fragrance gives you an instant uplift and also has a distinctive scent that stands out in a crowd.
  • Long Lasting Protection, This refreshing Deodorant Spray protects you from body odour and lasts for a long time

Brut Musk Deodrant Efficacite Logne Duree 200 ml

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