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Our Story

A need to connect local small scale businesses in Kathmandu, Nepal to a wide range of customers is what inspired us to start Mart Mandu. An online platform where customers can order their everyday needs online and get it delivered right to there doorsteps, this would be a boon to our Valley. Where we engage with local vendors and suppliers, to provide the best quality products in the best prices locally and delivered swiftly by us. 

In this world of all counterfeit products which are selling online, we guarantee genuine products from local sellers in Kathmandu, Nepal. So that returns, compilations, and originality of the products are best monitored locally and the process becomes much easier for the buyers of Nepal to have it replaced, fixed, and serviced.

Also, the local homemakers with a wide range of products are not able to find suitable buyers. Mart Mandu is helping them to get that one step edge ahead to sell their products online to the whole of Nepal..

So, come be a part of "Buy Local" and support our community associated business. Where we support our local small business to have a huge platform and also remove the hassle of our customers. So stay home, buy online, we deliver.

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Support Local Business.

Support locally owned businesses in Nepal. Buy from our beloved local farmers, shopkeepers, and homemakers. This is very easy now through our online store, where we connect our local business owners to sell their products to the customers directly through our portal and we deliver them to your doorsteps.

local business is the Heart of our small state. More people make there living in Small local business than anywhere else.

So shop with us as we bring to you the array of Local and as well as international products to your doorsteps.

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